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Standard Standee size

1. Standee size desktop

This small standee is usually designed for desktop use, with this type of standee often providing information about the gastric product, or a small announcement. Material to make this standee is plastic with standard size 20cm x 30cm (A4) or 30cm x 40cm (A3). However, if you want to be larger or smaller than the standard dimensions listed above, you can take the initiative to customize them accordingly.

The figure below is a demo of a standard desktop standee size.

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2. Standee size stand

This standee has two sizes according to the standard and quite popular today:

– Small size standee stand size 0.6m x 1.6m (60cm x 160cm).
– Big size standee stand size 0.8m x 1.8m (80cm x 180cm).

In addition, there is another standard standee size that is 0.8m x 2m (80cm x 200cm).

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Besides the above-sized standees, there are standard standee sizes for each type of standee today, specifically as follows:

  • Rollup Standee
  • Standee Board
  • Office Purpose
  • Standee for banner
  • Standee
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